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Hi, I am glad you made it here to know more about me.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
― Oscar Wilde

I am a highly creative individual with a passion for art throughout all media types, I am Inspired every day by my surroundings and always questioning the boundaries of art. My normal day would typically be in a local cafe enjoying a coffee, glued to my laptop creating a digital piece in an effort to pop my morning brain bubble.

I love to paint; from the age of 17 I have always been drawn to the thought of moving an idea from my mind to a visual media others can view and absorb. People often ask me why I paint and in all honesty I still can’t come up with a simple answer, maybe because the question is stupid. If you have an ability to create and express yourself in any art form keep creating! Over the last few years my style of painting has evolved into a combination of abstract and realism painting. I find body language incredibly powerful especially facial expressions capable of telling a story and invoking emotion. My latest series named ‘Transparent Culture’ is a combination of models portraits, abstract brush strokes and an array of words using acrylic paint on canvas. My inspiration for this series is taken from grunge/graffiti art and artists such as Lora Zombie, Agnes Cecile and Gabriel Moreno to name a few.

My favourite part of a project is looking at the target audience and finding a way to shock, wow and stun them by doing something unexpected. Throughout history people have been trying to break down the barrier of normality and if I could come close to changing the way someone views a can of soup, i’d be content.

Graphic Design plays a huge part in my life, it allows me to transform art into material that changes the way people view business’. I can confidently say I love fonts and get excited about font research, yes I am a design nerd in every way. When I am not working on a companies branding I will most likely be making digital artwork for my instagram profile or looking at the latest design trends on Pinterest.

My skills as a Social Media Expert have given me the opportunity to work on amazing projects for clients such as EB Games NZ, Disney, 20th Century Fox & Roadshow. Being able to complete a campaign from start to finish by myself is something I pride myself greatly on. There is nothing more rewarding than having a campaign you are proud of shown to thousands of people and watching the interaction. In no other art form will you receive such instantaneous honest feedback.

I love to push the boundaries of creativity every day. With over 10 years of experience in all areas of Digital Design, Painting and Photography I have the ability to add the Wow Factor into every project I work on.  I don’t follow others and take pride in my unconventional approach to every aspect of my work. If you want to stand out from the pack and turn heads you can trust in my ability to make it happen.

Please take some time to look at my portfolio and don’t be a stranger, get in touch.


– Jesse

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